T.M. TUcker

Within the Shadow of the Moon.

Her love turned him into a beast ... but now he must win her back

Britain, 1766: Werewolf Joseph Cornishe learns that his long-lost beloved Elizabeth has been ensnared by the undead in the Scottish Highlands. With love as his compass and desperation as his guide, he embarks on a perilous rescue, accompanied by his werewolf sons, the enigmatic Obeah sorceress Rose and other allies.

The path to his lost love is strewn with adversaries of flesh and phantasm. But as the Highlands loom closer, a chilling realisation dawns on Joseph: the most menacing spectre is the one that lurks within his very soul.

With Elizabeth’s fate hanging in the balance, Joseph must harness his inner and outer strength to face an ancient evil threatening to obliterate their world.

Book IV of the Cornishe Chronicles continues the riveting Gothic saga of undying love, high-stakes supernatural adventure, and the eternal struggle between the light and dark that exists within us all.

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Within the Shadow of the Moon.

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