T.M. TUcker

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He came looking for power... but it found him first

England, 1766: Heth, ex-soldier and well-travelled werewolf, is struggling to make ends meet back in England after his time fighting in America and Canada. He seeks to better himself in the world of politics and appears to have struck gold when he is hired by the ambitious lawyer, Richard Lawrence. But Lawrence has plans of his own, and it soon becomes clear he doesn’t have Heth’s interests at heart.

In league with the enigmatic Johann Lechte and the terrifying Eleonore Hellmuth, Lawrence is enacting a plan that threatens to undermine everything Heth is working towards. As the true nature of the threat facing Heth emerges, he finds himself fighting not just for his career, but for his very existence.

Book III of The Cornishe Chronicles continues the thrilling adventures of Joseph Cornishe and his sons Cyrus and Gabriel, from Above the Circle of the Moon and Beneath the Silent Moon.

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Within the Shadow of the Moon.

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