T.M. TUcker

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His music masked the silence... but he can't hide any more.

England, 1766: Gabriel, a charismatic but struggling musician, seeks to further his career in the theatre. He travels to Bristol in pursuit of his big break, where he becomes spellbound by the mysterious slave girl, Rose. But Gabriel’s hedonistic lifestyle leads to an addiction to laudanum, and ends in a violent death that changes everything.

Meanwhile, scientist Melchior Croll continues his grim investigation of immortality. When he captures Gabriel, Croll discovers the key to eternal life itself. As Gabriel fights for his life in a lunatic asylum, he knows Rose is his only hope of escape. Unfortunately, a secret order of dark magicians gives her problems of her own.

As the true nature of Croll’s experiments on the insane becomes clear, Gabriel discovers his troubles have only just begun.

Book II of The Cornishe Chronicles picks up on the thrilling adventures of Joseph Cornishe and his son Cyrus, introduced in Above the Circle of the Moon.

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Within the Shadow of the Moon.

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