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All he wanted was his freedom. Instead he became a monster.

Jamaica, 1766: Cyrus is the mulatto son of a white plantation overseer, Joseph Cornishe, and a black slave woman who died when he was young. Forced by his father to work as an apprentice carpenter, Cyrus yearns for freedom. When he learns of a planned revolt by the Maroons, the native free blacks, he escapes to join the rebellion. But his plans are crushed when he is recaptured and imprisoned. Back on the plantation, he is shocked to discover his father is a werewolf, and tricked into inheriting the curse.

Meanwhile, the English scientist, Melchior Croll, plans to apprehend father and son to study the secret of immortality. Cornishe and Cyrus are sent to his laboratory in Bristol, England, to become the subjects of his gruesome experiments.

Torn from his homeland, Cyrus must save himself and kill his father before he becomes a werewolf forever.

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Excellent story of horror, human suffering and passion in this epic storytelling of slavery and the supernatural. A must read for fans of werewolf lore.
Amazon reviewer
Thrilling storytelling and a fascinating insight into that period of history, black magic and the life of werewolves!
Amazon reviewer

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